vineri, 6 ianuarie 2012

Orange opens two new stores in Madrid

On December 2, in line with its policy to open "very large stores" in several countries where it operates (France, Romania, etc.), Orange inaugurated two new stores in the heart of Madrid, at two of the city's most emblematic locations: Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía. 

These two new stores, designed to become the showcases for Orange in Spain, required an investment of over one million euros, creating around 30 new jobs. 

Thanks to their relatively large sales areas (216 and 330 square meters), the two new stores include an exhibition area where visitors can interact and familiarize themselves with Orange products, from fixed to mobile and the internet. 

New environments have also been developed, offering users the possibility to experience Orange's products and services in a different way, thanks in particular to the informative multimedia content made available, enabling visitors to find out information within a simple and attractive framework.

The aim with these two new stores is to offer customers and visitors an enhanced experience, where they can get closer to new technologies, in a pleasant, user-friendly and easy-to-understand setting. Lastly, within this approach, the sales staff have an essential role in terms of establishing more personalized relationships with customers.

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