marți, 4 iunie 2013

Let's help Blackberry Z10 to become a smartphone

To be honest the new Z10 is a shitberry but unfortunately I have one. So I want to help RIM to improve the overall BB experience.

I will write here all the PRO and Cons and I will try to update the article.

Device used with Vodafone Romania.


  • design (phone design is great, minimalist)
  • virtual keyboard (a true innovation, try to embed more virtual signs (take a look at dolphin browser)
  • task manager (good task manager combined with main screen)
  • BBM looks great


  • no user management of how many and what notices should be displayed on the lock screen
  • holster should be delivered with the phone (can be a market differentiator)
  • GPS function can't be controlled by user (like wireless - it has an button in the dropdown menu on top of the screen)
  • LBA (location based applications) are not working well (Foursquare, Waze). They can't receive the location and the user can't stop/start GPS
  • HUB notifications from Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, are sending you directly to that notification and is no button that send you to the main screen of that application
  • some email are marked as read (have to find out the trigger)
  • What happens when I put the phone in Night mode (notifications off) ?? when I wake up I should have a report with what happened over night 
  • FoodSpotting application is not availableto download in Romania. Why?
  • Default Maps application is not available in Romania .. This is very sad!! 
  • Big issue with contacts . BB doesn't recognize the numbers from agenda is they are not written in the correct format (the correct format for BB) because an android smartphone can recognize the following formats of the same number (004072222222X, +4072222222X, 0.040.722.222.22X, +40.722.222.222,0 040 722 222 222,+40 722 222 222)
  • No important applications like TripAdvisor,, Google Hangouts,FlipBoard, OntheFly, Imdb, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Zedge, LiveScore, Instagram
  • Can't program multiple alarms (for example if I want to take a pill from six to six hours , BB can't help me
  • In the past BB has a very good function - to shut down in the night and user can set the interval (this is not available any more)

Nice to Have
  • BBM should be connected with all social messengers (Facebook messenger, Google hangouts, yahoo, etc..)